Galvanised Vertical Access Ladder Kits- Fixed with Hoops

£718.42£3,045.53 Prices Incl Vat

Galvanised Steel Fixed Vertical AccessCat Ladders with Hoops in kit form.

Flexible, easy-to-install and manufactured to EN 14122-4, our modular fixed ladder system offers an unrivalled number of design options.

Available in a number of preset kits of varying heights for ease of ordering. Just pick the size nearest the size you need and cut the ladder down to the exact requirement.

The kits come with all the parts needed, if you require any additional features or modifications please contact us.

Typical 2800mm kit comprises of:  1 x 2.8m ladder section, 4 x 200mm wall brackets, 2 x single style extensions, 2 x safety cage hoops, 3 x safety cage straps  (3m)

£718.42£3,045.53 Prices Incl Vat

£718.42£3,045.53 Prices Incl Vat
Ladder Length 2800mm 3640mm 5600mm 7280mm 8400mm 9240mm
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Brackets -200mm standoff

Cage – 724mm diameter -Min height 2200mm – Max height 3000mm

Rung Depth – 30mm

Ladder External Width – 520mm

Rung Spacing – 280mm