Warehouse Ladder Optional Extras – The Definitive Guide

View our useful guide explaining the difference in the various options available to add to your warehouse ladder or mobile safety steps.


Central Brake

 When the step is mobile the bar prevents users from walking up the steps! Available on 4+ Treads

Side Brake

The side brake option comes as standard on most of our 3 tread steps (check each range for more details).  Its brightly coloured handle prompts the user to action the braking system prior to use! Available on most 2+tread ladders.

Rear Platform Options

Rear Chain

The rear chain exit is mainly requested for users wanting to load / unload lorries and for quick access on & off of the working platform.

Rear Gate

The back gate comes with bottom toe plate and is universal opening! If you are looking at this option, consider also having a platform extension and flush back legs.

Rear Lifting Bar

Easy to open whilst giving the user a comfortable feeling of having a 3 sided handrail, when using the working platform area.

Flush Back

On our standard units, you will notice that the rear legs splay out at a 3-degree rake for increased stability. What this modification does, is alert our team to manufacture the unit with the rear legs angled straight down, with the wheels to sit underneath the working platform. 

We can manufacture our units to have vertical back legs, by overhang the platform by 100mm. Leaving the wheels sitting comfortably back under the working platform.

The user is then able to push the unit right up to the wall, leaving no gap between the working platform and the surface in which the user will step on to. 

Tread Extensions

Adds 1 additional (200mm) Tread, 2 additional (400mm) Treads or 3 additional (600mm) Treads to the working platform length, a great option to go with gate or platform options.

Please Note: By adding a working platform extension, you should also take into consideration that this will also extend the size of your units overall length.

Platform Entrance Options

Entrance Chain

Consider having a platform entrance chain, if frequent and quick use of the platform is required, it is better paired with smaller steps up to a 7 tread, but can be added to the larger units.  Also consider a 1 tread platform extension if you have the room to, this will provide the user plenty of space to move about comfortably. 

Entrance Gate

Choose the platform entrance gate, if personnel will be using the step for longer periods of time, especially good for people who plan on using the step for maintenance! 

Pairs great with a 2 tread platform extension to give the user more room to manoeuvre! If you are considering a larger unit of an 8 tread or above, this is a great option for you. It locks securely and is easy to open, just lift the gate from the latch, it also comes as ‘universal opening’.

Entrance Bar

If you just don’t have the room for a platform entrance gate, then why not add the lifting bar instead? The solid bar gives the user a secure feeling whilst they are using the steps platform. 

Pairs great with a 1 tread platform extension. Just lift the bar from the latch to open and securely push back into the latch to close. It is brightly coloured  in a contrasting colour to the step, to alert the user of a moving part. 

Bottom Entrance Gate

If you have picked a product which has 2 handrails and a rear axle, then we can add this option to your step!  This full length gate offers a great barrier from wondering public, when your ready to use just lift the gate off of the latch to open. 

Bottom Entrance Chain

If you are using your step in a warehouse environment, then maybe you just require a no access bottom chain? A great deterrent to stop untrained personnel from using the unit. 

Side Platform Options

Side Chain

The walk through side complete with chain is a great option for people who require an ‘easy exit’, customers mostly choose this option to access lorry beds and who need to step up onto mezzanine flooring or another level. 

Side Gate

If you take Health & Safety seriously, then you may which to consider the walk through side with a gate! Its acts like a full side when not in use, giving the user full comfort when using the step. When you would like to exit the step, simply lift the gate out of the latch, all of our gates are ‘universal opening’, giving the user maximum flexibility.

Double Gates

If your having one of our Truck-Dock or Access Platforms and require a gated exit, then your step will come with double hinged gates!  The gates come with toe plate and can be opened inwards or outwards to ensure your platform will suit your requirements. 

Side Lifting Bar

The walk through side complete with lifting bar is a favourite amongst customers who don’t have room to swing a full gate out, but who also want the same solid feeling as having a fixed side. The lifting bar acts as a ‘full handrail’ giving you peace of mind when using the platform. 

The bar is painted in contrast with the step to alert the user that there is a ‘moving part’ there and to take caution.

Removable Side

We have added this option to our range of side exits for our selected specialist platforms, these sides fit to the Access Platforms & Truck-Dock ranges perfectly. 

Choose the removable side when you plan on working on your unit for long periods of time. Supplied to look and act like a fully welded side for general use, but when access to and from the platform is needed, just remove the side and hook it to the unit with the hooks provided!

Reduced Axle Widths

Reduced Axle

Choose this modification if you don’t have the physical space to get a step into an aisle, or where the axle width will impede the use of the step. 

Note : Only use between aisle racking or where supported on both sides. If  the step will also be used when not supported, then you should consider adding stabilisers too! 


Its not uncommon for customers to want stabiliser legs added to their unit, if you are using your step on slightly uneven ground or you are using a very large step in a wide open space, some customers feel safer with additional support. 

Please Note: Not all options are available on specific products. Please contact us on 01926 358635