Bespoke Special Steps and Platforms

You cant fit a square peg in a round hole.

The right tool for the job

These sayings are just as applicable to the safe working at heights industry for ladders, steps and work platforms.

That’s why we here at Industrial Products offer a bespoke service for clients who are looking for a particular ladder or platform to perform a specific purpose, built not only with the safety of the employee in mind but to also aid workplace productivity.

From extended platforms to tall warehouse steps with multiple platforms, from lorry access platforms to tanker access steps, all are possible. We’ve even manufactured waste or refuse steps for waste companies with a platform trapdoor for garbage disposal. Totally bespoke.

Refuse or waste steps designed for the safe access of refuse trucks to enable the operator to access the vehicle for cleaning. These steps have a trap door in platform floor (known as a bin chute) where a wheelie bin can be placed. These steps are also used for aircraft.

Split level platform steps with multiple platforms designed for warehouses with racking or work on different levels. The additional platforms and gates save the operator time in accessing these levels at once.

Tanker access steps or tanker ladders offer safe access to the top tank of rigid tanker, trailer tank or ISO container . The Ladder offers safe access to inspect the tanker for safety and maintenance, load the tanker or wash or decomtaminate.

Side access trailer steps designed specifically for safe and efficient access to side opening trailers. When side opening trailers need to be manually unloaded there is a potential unloading risk. This mobile platform with an easy step 45 degree slope is designed to alleviate the risks involved and allows users to descend facing forwards.